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Get an introduction to the XP Deus and learn about some of its basic functionality.

Feel free to get a better understanding of the XP Deus' accessories. This way you can utilize them more effectively and know what you need to buy.

Get a better grasp on the XP Deus' signal recognition abilities and how they work.

Need help understanding the audio response and sensitivity settings of the XP Deus? Watch this video for some tips and tricks.

Gaining an appreciation of the XP Deus' abilities to ground balance and discriminate can help you find some of those treasure other detectors won't.

Understanding the reactivity settings and abilities of the XP Deus is helpful in getting the most out of it in the field.

Finally get a grasp of the XP Deus' ability to silence trashy signals so you can find more treasures.

Learn the tones of the XP Deus so that you can more quickly narrow in on those clean signals indicative of a valuable find.

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