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Another Excellent program from Gary Blackwell of XP Metal Detectors! This program is designed for the XP Deus Metal Detector when using it in iron infested sites!

Just How important is the Audio Response setting on the XP Deus Metal Detector? Here at Team XP Deus USA we can assure you that if you do not have a good understanding of this setting then your missing Good Targets! Our friend Gary Blackwell from XP Metal Detectors wrote a great article explaing the importance of Audio Response!

Gary Blackwell is one of the most experienced and hardcore Metal Detectorists that I know! He is extremely knowledgeable on the XP Deus Metal Detector and actually works side by side with XP Metal Detectors! So trust me on this one... he knows more about the XP Deus Metal Detector than you do!

Scott Clark's Work Horse Program.


Josh Nickerson is an Official XP Deus Team USA Member. Check out a couple of his favorite programs that he has had a lot of success with ~ "Magic Stick" & "Nuts"

Heath Jones (Treasure Mountain Detectors Sales Manager) Legendary Relic Program!

Get an introduction to the XP Deus and learn about some of its basic functionality.

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