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The New XP Deus 9" HF Coil is proving to be a must have for all types of Metal Detecting.

Normally... you would think that the 9" HF coil would be superior for Gold Prospecting and your right it is but this coil really does have a place in your arsenal for Relic Hunting and Coin/Jewelry Hunting! I have not had a lot of time with my 9" HF Coil, but I can tell you that I did find significant targets in a site that I had previously pounded with the regular 9" and 11" coil on the XP Deus! Check out this video from Gary Blackwell of XP Metal Detectors and I think you too will see the edge that the new coil will give you whether your Relic Hunting, Coin Shooting or Gold Prospecting! To Purchase one of these coils please contact one of the Expert Staff Members at Treasure Mountain Detectors



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