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NEW XP MI-6 Pinpointer Brochure ~ A must have for all Deus Users ~ Oh yeah by the way ... check out the bottom pic on the brochure!

 Excellent Story of a Respected UK Detectorist findind an Extremly Rare US Coin!

New video by Brandon Niece aka Dr. Tones (Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors Sales Representative) demonstrating the New XP MI-6 Pinpointer! Could it be the best metal detecting pinpointer ever?


What a busy start to 2017, the version 4 update is now available and we are already receiving some great feedback, especially when combined with the new round HF coil.
The MI-6 pin point probe will be on sale very soon.

Here is a very brief review from Ed Huffman the owner of Treasure Mountain Detectors on the New XP MI-6 Pinpointer, 9" HF Coil and 4.0 update for the XP Deus Metal Detector!

I can personally tell you that I am excited about this update!

Jerry Parrish had one awesome week of metal detecting with his XP Deus Metal Detector!

GET ON THE WAITING LIST NOW FOR THE NEW XP MI-6 PINPOINTER AND 9" HF COIL! These 2 new products from XP Metal Detectors will be released very soon along with the much anticipated Version 4.0!

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