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How to get the Most from the XP Deus Metal Detector Featuring  Ed Huffman, Heath Jones and Butch Holcombe

A lot of people ask what detector I use. The answer is, all of them. Maybe that is a stretch, so let me just say that my personal favorite detector, depending on where I am hunting, is a Garrett, Fisher, White’s, or Minelab. That list will now include an XP Deus.

Check out some of Calabash Digger's finds he made while using the XP Deus Metal Detector! Also some great videos too! The XP Deus Metal Detector shows once again why it is the best metal detector you can buy!


Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors is proud to announce some new accessories and software for XP DEUS which will be available on the market in a few months....(Hopefully)! They were demonstrated at the XP European Rally in the UK which took place on the 17-18th of September, and also at the Exhibition for Metal Detection which will take place in Paris on the 8_9th of October 2016.

Check out the video that my friend Gary Blackwell from XP Metal Detectors sent me!

XP Deus Metal Detector Shines At A Hunted Out Site! 

Dan Stevenson found some awesome silver Roman coins using his XP Deus. Listen to this interview as he talks about this awesome find.

Listen to this interesting discussion by archaeologist Yvonne Edwards as she discusses Metal Detecting and Archaeology.

Just as I always say "Great Research Equals Great Finds" A couple of weeks before I knew I was going to Williamsburg, Va my Brother-in-law and myself started our research! We found a 1773 Virginia Halfpenny

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