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               XP Deus Metal Detector users in the US are loving the new features of version 4.0!

The new “HOT” program has really been a success, when used in previously detected areas. The combination of the negative discrimination giving you that extra edge to unmask targets even more than version 3.2 and the XY screen tremendously cutting down on digging those unwanted trash targets has absolutely been excellent. Now, set the reactivity to 2.5 which is really a sweet spot for superior separation and the extra depth outside of those trashy iron infested areas has really produced some great finds!

                Ed Huffman (Captain of The XP Deus Team USA) noted that while testing a slightly modified version of the new “HOT” program combined with the new 9” inch HF Coil has been an absolute dream for picking coins out of those trashy areas. Ed purposely wanted to test this combination in a small 25 yards x 25 yards lot that was extremely infested with iron and modern trash. Ed Huffman said, “I really looked forward to testing the new version 4.0 along with the 9” HF coil in this specific lot because I have personally detected this lot with numerous high-end metal detectors throughout the years and not to mention numerous other local Detectorists have too until the site just stopped producing coins! Within 2 hours of detecting this lot with the XP Deus version 4.0 and 9” HF coil I had already found a handful of coins ranging from silver to modern clad. I was truly AMAZED at the amount of coins that these other high-end metal detectors missed because of the masking!” Ed also noted that Heath Jones (Co-Captain of The XP Deus Team USA) had very similar results with the combination of the new version 4.0 and 9” HF Coil along with numerous other Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors customers! See for yourself and check out these finds below!

(Ed Huffman’s 2-hour hunt where NO Coins were supposed to be found!)


(Heath Jones scores another Barber with the 9” HF Coil!)


(Josh Nickerson XP Deus Team USA Member – finds a cool sterling silver medal in a hunted-out area)


(Kevin McCrory – Treasure Mountain Detectors Team Member ~ Scores More Silver and a rare Flying Eagle One Cent!


AJ Stone – Treasure Mountain Detectors Team Member ~ Finds a Rare & Awesome 1864 2 Cent!)



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