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What a busy start to 2017, the version 4 update is now available and we are already receiving some great feedback, especially when combined with the new round HF coil.
The MI-6 pin point probe will be on sale very soon.


The version 4 update includes some very exciting new features including 2 "PRO" programs - HOT and DEEP.
HOT - Prog 9 is already a very popular program, it uses full tones and a low discrimination HOT is very ground active and perfect for finding area's of ancient habitation.
Deep - Prog 6 is a no nonsense powerful 2 tone program capable of achieving impressive depths with the minimum of adjustments.

We are sure you are going to like the new -6.4 discrimination, additional 2.5 reactivity and a fantastic XY display....Plus lots more !
Version 4 XY screen and a brief look at the new features

XP will have a series of tuition video's uploaded to their website in the very near future.
XP Video page

Please take care when updating to version 4

Version 4 step by step download and update instructions

XP News from around the world


We would like to thank Team Rainbow from Denmark who are writing some short articles for us, you may remember they recently found a fantastic Viking treasure while searching with their XP's.
The story has started to unfold, will this treasure reveal more secrets ?.
Here is part 1 of Kristen's article.
Viking Gold Oath rings


Sonya strikes Gold with her Deus
Once again Sonya is putting the boys to shame with her Deus, she is constantly finding great coins and artefacts.
Sonya's Gold coin report


Johann woke up early one summer morning, desperate to try his new Deus on a local field, after on just a couple of hours he made the find of a lifetime.
Johann's rare coin


It's finally time to say goodbye, the Jersey hoard has now been fully dis assembled and recorded.

Here is a video of the last coins being removed.

Removing the last coins from the Jersey hoard

We would like to thanks our friends over in Jersey for their support.
XP were invited to Jersey and asked to test the Deus on the hunted out hoard site...with some amazing results.

Jersey Hoard video

Well that's it until next month, thanks for supporting XP. If you wish to be featured in our blog or newsletter, please send in your stories, pictures and articles.

If your interested in purchasing or have questions about an XP Deus Metal Detector or Accessories please contact Authorized XP Metal Detectors Dealer Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors.

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