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Just as I always say "Great Research Equals Great Finds" A couple of weeks before I knew I was going to Williamsburg, Va my Brother-in-law and myself started our research! We found a 1773 Virginia Halfpenny

Within the two weeks of researching and doing map overlays we had accumulated 110 potential spots that would produce Civil War and Colonial Artifacts. After going over our research we grabbed our XP Deus Metal Detectors (In my opinion the Best Metal Detector On the Market That you Can Buy) and proceeded to check out some of our researched spots! We were only able to explore and detect about 5 of the 110 spots but I think we picked a pretty good starting place! The majority of our research is in Forest areas which requires a lot of off trail wilderness navigating and exploring (definitely our favorite type of detecting)! Check out the video and please subscribe so you will not miss the newest videos and news from Treasure Mountain Detectors!

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