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XP Deus – Metal detecting news from the USA

by XP Metal Detectors

XP Deus feedback from the USA has always been very good, perhaps it is because this metal detector suits to so many different search scenario's from yards to ancient battlefields.
Here is the latest news from some of our XP USA team members.


I don’t know what your expectations are when you grab your metal detector and head out for a day’s detecting. Some of us go out hoping to find coins, others dream of finding interesting militaria and relics, the list could continue up to modern items (for example, I have a friend who loves to find modern toys).



A day out on the pasture with the HF coil
Having used the XP Deus high frequency coil for some time now, it has quickly become my favourite coil for metal detecting on ancient sites, the 54Khz has really opened my mind and proved without a doubt there is no such thing as a worked-out site.

               XP Deus Metal Detector users in the US are loving the new features of version 4.0!


We have another 9" HF Coil Review from two of the UK XP Metal Detectors Test Team Members!


Justin Cleghorn's first Deus V4 Gold Nugget found in Australia using the HF coil.

The 9.5x5 HF coil for the XP Deus is the coil that I have personally been waiting for!

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