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Archaeology & Metal Detecting

Become An Artifact Recovery Specialist

More and more, the archaeological community is recognizing that Metal Detectors can be powerful tools in the artifact recovery process; helping them locate, discover, and safely excavate locations of historical interest.  The key, though, lies in learning to use this powerful tool properly.

Montpelier Expedition CourseOur Detectorist Experts


Montpelier's Metal-Detector Expedition Course

What It's Included In the Curriculum

"The Metal-Detector Expedition" is the latest archaeological program offered by Montpelier. Designed for metal-detector specialists and hobbyists, the program serves to introduce the significance of archaeological methods such as gridded surveys, density plots to define site concentrations, and a deeper understanding of the past. 

The Montpelier Foundation's Archaeology Department is developing leading-edge methodology for involving the metal detector community in  the use of metal detectors as a remote-sensing device to locate and protect sites.  One of the main emphasizes during the week-long training program is the importance of site context for individual finds.

Surveying Methods Learned

During the expedition, you will be involved in two types of surveys using a mapped grid across the landscape:

  1. Grid-based landscape survey.  Participants will use their metal detectors to survey previously unexplored parts of the property to locate historic sites.  Moving grid-by-grid participants will metal-detect, mark,  and selectively sample hits to help identify archaeological sites so they can be recorded for future study and preserved.

  1. Grid-based survey (archaeological site).  Participants will use their metal detector to plot artifacts across a site to determine its size and density of hits.  These plots will show archaeologists where they should place their units to investigate features and deposits at archaeological sites." - James Madison's Montpelier Website

Interested In Learning More?

For more information or to sign up for this expedition course, click the link below or contact us here.

Montpelier Expedition Course

Our Detectorist Experts

Ed Huffman

ed huffman cowpens battlefieldEd Huffman, the owner of Treasure Mountain Detectors, is actively involved in the Archaeology world. He uses his expert knowledge and skills in metal detecting to help museums, government agencies and Archaeologists.

Ed has a BS Degree form the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and is an expert Metal Detectorist with over 20 years of experience. He plans on attending numerous Archaeology programs at James Madison University in the near future. Ed Huffman highly recommends anyone that is interested in Archaeology and Metal Detecting to check out the Metal Detector Expedition program at James Madison's Montpelier.

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